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Aesthetics in Podiatry
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Robert Chelin, DPM



Surgical Procedures

Aesthetics in Podiatry Surgical Procedure

Surgical procedures of the foot are generally performed for the relief of pain, restoration of function and the reconstruction of deformities. There is also an additional benefit of an improved appearance. Surgical procedures performed solely for aesthetic purposes poses the same risks as procedures for more traditional reasons. Patients considering foot surgery, whether medical or aesthetic reasons, are advised to consult a podiatrist who has the appropriate training, experience, and credentials to properly perform the surgery, manage the post-operative care and treat possible complications. At Aesthetics in Podiatry we strive to provide our patients with a high standard of care. To view our "Standards of Care" document click here


Click on the topics below to view animations of the various surgical procedures that we perform at Aesthetics in Podiatry. By viewing these animations we hope to provide you with the opportunity to visualize and listen to a surgical procedure that may apply to your foot problem. Use this tool as a guide to assist you on your consultation