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Correction of Arthritic Big Toe with Implant
First Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint Implant

Correction of Bunion Deformity 5th Metatarsal

Tailor's Bunionectomy with no fixation

Correction of Bunion Deformity with
a deviated big toe
Austin/Wilson - Akin Bunionectomy

Correction of Heel Spur Syndrome
Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

Correction of Chronic Corn
Digital Ostectomy

Correction of Hammertoe

Correction of Arthritic Big Toe
Keller Bunionectomy

Removal of Neuroma (Neurectomy)
Permanent Correction of Ingrown Toenail
Phenol and Alcohol procedure

Surgical correction of Flat Foot/Hyperpronation using the HyProCureTM Sinus Tarsi Implant
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